ElastoLock® is a highly versatile and functional roll-on damp-proof rubber membrane that imparts exceptional water-proofing, flexibility and weathering advantages to many existing surfaces.

ElastoLock® is an easy-to-use, single component coating that locks firmly onto concrete, concrete block and plywood -- as well as tile backer board, drywall, fiberglass decking, primed metal and plastic.
One product ... so many uses!
You'll be surprised at all the effective ways that ElastoLock helps you fight water, vapor and mold.
Multi-Surface Water-Proofing Performance - Indoors & Out
Outstanding general performance...
• excellent adhesion
• blocks water and vapor
• spans cracks and seams
• sub-zero temperature flexible
• blocks rust and other stains
• water submersible

• does not support mold growth
• dries fast (30 - 60 minutes)
• roller or spray application
• paintable
• water-based / water clean-up
Flood and Leak Protection
Wood Decks
Concrete Cracks
Basement Walls
Adhesion Promoter
Before Painting
Before Tile Installation
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ElastoLock® Wood Decks - Part 1
ElastoLock® Wood Decks - Part 2