Let mold know it's not welcome...
Household plumbing problems can cause moisture damage and mold.
A can of ElastoLock® and a brush or roller now, can save you big headaches dealing with mold later. Just apply it anywhere you think water might be a problem.

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Any moisture issue in your home that's not addressed is a "welcome" sign for mold growth. And it's generally the moisture sources that are unknown where mold will take root and cause potential health issues.

Sometimes mold growth can be simply cleaned off when it's discovered. On other occasions, there may be a need to rip out drywall or other materials past the point of recovery.
Once the plumbing is fixed, water penetration into your floors and walls is the only remaining factor for concern.

If surfaces are water-proofed beforehand with ElastoLock®, dealing with water issues is far simpler.
One effective way to avoid the whole problem is to undercoat floor and wall surfaces with ElastoLock® Water-Proof Rubber Membrane before finishes and fixtures are installed.

ElastoLock's moisture repellent synthetic skin shields surfaces from water and vapor absorption and discourages mold growth.

Use ElastoLock® to protect floors and walls anywhere that water is present in your home or business. Ideal spots for damp-proofing include areas near:

• sinks, bathtubs and showers
• diswashers
• laundry activities
• basement walls and floors
• pool areas and steam baths
• cold rooms
• and any other damp areas.