Whether you just want to cover a dusty, drab concrete floor with durable, lasting color — or want an exciting decorative finish, you will find our unique product selection up to the task.

Garage or workshop need attention?

Throw on a new DaiHard Epoxy Garage Floor finish for a tough, chemical and wear resistant finish. Want even heavier-duty performance? Top coat it with DaiHard Epoxy Clear Coat.
Ready for a concrete floor upgrade?
Want an economical alternative to laying ceramic tile?
Install SpreadStone or RollerRock in a "tile texture" finish. Check out their demo videos to see what works best for you.
Turn your cold, damp, concrete basement floor into a dry, clean and colorful surface.

Roll on a coat of ElastoLock® Water-Proof Rubber Membrane. Then coat it with softly textured Terrazzo™ for a durable stain and slip resistant floor.
Locker room floor coated with RollerRock® (pre-coated with damp-proof ElastoLock).
Fit the right product to your next concrete floor makeover — and your comfort level — on our product comparison page.